Friday, December 12, 2008

The hunt for the best Ice fishing Line!

Hum what to use for Line? Well for the past few years I've been using 4lbs, mono.

Most my Ice fishing has been on Tip up's. This year is going to include many hours of performance ice fishing rod Jigging. Stocked up on color larvae jigs. I had seen a couple last year catching 25-30 perch an hour with a double rig format with these baits.

I also have never seen anyone fishing with worms in the winter. I guess its obviously because theirs none to dig. However I stocked up before the worm fella closed up about 4 weks ago. So I'm anxious to see what happens this weekend if the ice is thick enough!

We've had 1 foot of snow here in Montreal the past couple days with well below freezing overnight temperatures. I hope that the ice is thick enough to get out on LAc Saint Louis.
Live bait we'll pick up at either CMS Sports or catch them ourselves.. I love diving in the lake this time of year with that neon pink speedo catching minnows with my teeth!!

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