Friday, December 22, 2006

dec 21st .still no snow and fishing away

Went with Johnie to Cote Saint Catherine to see if the fish we're biting. Fished from 1pm til 5pm, no bites up until 4pm. Had large strikes but couldn't landed em. Used Life 3' shiners. Then the schools started hitting for just over 1/2 hour. I landed a good fighting Pike 5 pounds, Johnie gets a Huge perch and 2Lbs Walleye. The fish weren't that long but man were they FAT...

Happy Holidays everyone...

Monday, December 18, 2006


pike today

Went fishing in hopes of a catch...did I ever 5 pike between 16' AND 36' 12 POUNDERS AND 6 PERCH BETWEEN 1POUND

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Protect our future

So many A time I see people leave garbage, old line, smokes, old tackle behind, I myself only started speaking up this past year. If you have the energy to bring things fishing, have a little respect and take what you don't need to leave. Leave the place as it was or even a little better. You safe guarding the future for all by doing this and it take almost no effort.

Another issue is Lead weights??? Why use them and give feedback to manufacturers that its not acceptable anymore. It leeches into the water over time, ducks and some fish will eat this in the right situation. I've been using steel bolts, Rock with elastic bands if I'm deadline fishing. How is a bolt or a rock gonna affect me catching fish?? Rarely... So use your head when fishing, think of your children, or your families kids. Just look at where we're at with the stock levels of fish and no that nothing with last forever if we abuse, and neglect this beautiful planet.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Snow has finally started

Well hopefully this will drive water temps down and get those walleye outta the deeper mid lake waters and they come to shore. Watching the weather channel for a few sunny days to give the shoreline a try.

I've tried many a fishing batter and seem to like a store bought one the best for fillet. Club house "Golden Dip" Fish fry. Tasty...

However an older brand do wonders for shore lunches. Rocky Madsen's "fish Crisp" Roasted Garlic and Butter. Great story behind this brand.

happy fishing

Friday, December 1, 2006


I'm all revd up for winter and some crazy ice fishing. I've seen many men on the water in front of the Douglas Hospital. If you know of a sure thing let me know.
However I got lucky last week. WHile fishing in lachine an older man came to see how I was doing on the day.. Lets forget how that day turned out. However he open his trunk and asked me if I wanted to buy his older ice fishing gear cause he was getting close to 80 and couldn't handle the cold. I opened the larger plastic tool box and found $40-50 $$$$ of tackle, a new fillet knife and 10 tip ups.. He wanted $80 I offered $50 and now I'm ready for winter.. Well still need the snow mobile

Fishing walleye montreal

Well I started Fishing the shorelines on Montreal just 2 years ago. I'm originally from central Canada Winnipeg Manitoba to be exact. I've found many places especially in Lasalle and LAchine to catch 3lbs-4lbs Walleye right off the shore line. I'm seen the standard statement that Walleye bite in the early morning and evening just before and after sunset. This year I've landed over 300 walleye with most of my fishing being done during the summer months. They seem to love the fast water and live minnows. However larger 3' swirly tails drive them crazy. White and black produced my best results. I've found many avid fishermen along this shoreline with many years experience.

I find it amazing to beable to catch some great eating fishing within minutes of my house.

want know how to find that spot with your eyes?

Where to get live bait at a good price?

How to ensure the fish populations is safe?

Stay tuned