Friday, December 5, 2008

LAte November fishing for Fat smallies

I finally hooked up with a local pro for a short day of Smalley fishing.

The weather chilly and damp we arrived at out destination with some technical delays with our attire. On the water and within an hour our guide landed a fat 5'14 smalley.

The bite was slow and very hard to tell.We worked our area for hours landing a few more between 4'7 and 5'12. We used 4' tubes in various colors...the strikes we're almost undetectable, you'd have one nibbling and you'd be thinking it was grass. We did run into a couple snakes( pike). The one I landed slammed my rod and fought hard, however when we got it in the boat it was hooked in the gill. Our guide Mark Currie pointed out that the fish are sitting on bottom barely moving for anything. Mud covered both his gill's so I guess I got a lucky snag..Poor thing..didn't know what hit em.

I would endorse Mark Currie as a knowledgable guide, fun, down to earth and awesome at getting you into large smallies. I can't wait for the spring fish. He'll be one one of my first outtings.

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