Thursday, December 18, 2008 looking for Beta testers is now looking for fishermen and women to add features and suggest feedback.

The site is dedicated to anglers, outfitters, guides, and the everyday kid that loves to fish.

The FAcebook of the fishing world .We will make it the best place on earth to share your fishing stories, brag about the big one you landed.

We offer great business services as well, website design and maintenance, outsourced Sales rep's, marketing consulting.

We offer review Product services as well: simply send us one of your products, and we'll offer a professional video review we'll post on out and your site for free.

With is being winter, we're looking for winter products that make ICe fishing more pleasant.

If you know someone that might need or benefit from these services, please email myself directly

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Fishing Gloves that have you covered!

I've had all types of gloves for fishing with, Most were warm however they couldn't handle ice cold water like these babies do.

Ice Armor brand has saved my hands and made the long cold days much easier.They are hot and allow me to clean my ice holes with 1 simple scoop of the hand.

They hold there form and some how don't get to stiff to use them.

From the Company!

With this in mind, we developed the Ice Armor™ Waterproof Ice Fishing Mitt. And unlike the standard Mitt or Chopper, these are built specially for ice fishing.

150 gram Thinsulate®.

Extra-wide opening for easy on and off.

Sealable opening to keep the snow out.

Forearm length for extreme protection.

Padded palms.Reinforced thumb.

I recomend these Gloves..Most places sell them this year for under $40.00...last year they were $75.00 plus

Now they have Socks as well!

Perfect extension of our new Ice Armor Base Layer. Thick, luxurious socks made with the same Merino wool and special anti-microbial nylon. The comfort, thickness, warmth you would expect from Ice Armor.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The hunt for the best Ice fishing Line!

Hum what to use for Line? Well for the past few years I've been using 4lbs, mono.

Most my Ice fishing has been on Tip up's. This year is going to include many hours of performance ice fishing rod Jigging. Stocked up on color larvae jigs. I had seen a couple last year catching 25-30 perch an hour with a double rig format with these baits.

I also have never seen anyone fishing with worms in the winter. I guess its obviously because theirs none to dig. However I stocked up before the worm fella closed up about 4 weks ago. So I'm anxious to see what happens this weekend if the ice is thick enough!

We've had 1 foot of snow here in Montreal the past couple days with well below freezing overnight temperatures. I hope that the ice is thick enough to get out on LAc Saint Louis.
Live bait we'll pick up at either CMS Sports or catch them ourselves.. I love diving in the lake this time of year with that neon pink speedo catching minnows with my teeth!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 2008

The Montreal weather has finally changed and the ice is forming on sevral of our lakes close to Montreal. This week with several days well below freezing our hopes are to hit the Lake Sunday for the first annual freeze your willy off fishing day!! the first day is always a ice breaker, literally. Get the body used to the winds and frigid cool weather. In hopes of having a great day we assemble our gear of tip ups and food to test the day.

Weekly I'll offer updates and reviews on Tackle from various manufacturers ..I hope to demonstrate the benfits of all types of lures, manufacturers in varying price points.

We'll start with some Rapala vertical Jigs and some basic live baits.

Heres to getting dinner for Sunday!!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

LAte November fishing for Fat smallies

I finally hooked up with a local pro for a short day of Smalley fishing.

The weather chilly and damp we arrived at out destination with some technical delays with our attire. On the water and within an hour our guide landed a fat 5'14 smalley.

The bite was slow and very hard to tell.We worked our area for hours landing a few more between 4'7 and 5'12. We used 4' tubes in various colors...the strikes we're almost undetectable, you'd have one nibbling and you'd be thinking it was grass. We did run into a couple snakes( pike). The one I landed slammed my rod and fought hard, however when we got it in the boat it was hooked in the gill. Our guide Mark Currie pointed out that the fish are sitting on bottom barely moving for anything. Mud covered both his gill's so I guess I got a lucky snag..Poor thing..didn't know what hit em.

I would endorse Mark Currie as a knowledgable guide, fun, down to earth and awesome at getting you into large smallies. I can't wait for the spring fish. He'll be one one of my first outtings.

Monday, June 23, 2008

How to Fillet Walleye

How to Fillet Walleye and Yellow Perch
Slice fish behind the gills all the way to the backbone but don’t sever. Now do the same on the other side of the fish. Then make a cut up the center of the belly to the vent hole. (fig #1)
Place knife into first cut behind the gills and work knife along backbone being careful not to cut through it. Flip the fish and do the same to the other side all the way to the tail.
Now lay the fish with the skin still attached, skin side down. Take your sharp fillet knife and go under the rib bones from the top to the bottom, cutting rib bones free. (fig #2)
Now on the center line of the fillet, running your finger over it you can feel the straight bones.
Take your sharp fillet knife and cut down to the skin on each side of these bones. (fig #3)
Now you are ready to take the skin off. Grab your fillet by the tail end. Take your fillet knife and cut to the skin. Then tip your knife between 30-45* angle and pull your fillet toward you in a side to side motion. (fig #4)
With the skin removed, the small finger of bones will be hanging from the fillet. Cut loose and discard.
This is a simple way to clean a great eating fish.
Another quick way to remove the rib bones was shown to me by my good friend Kenny Herman Toftland. Instead of having the skin side down and removing the rib bones the above described way, turn the fish skin side up and press down on the fillet and slide your sharp fillet knife over the top of the bones and slightly down and back.
You will find that with practice, you can cut the time it takes to clean perch and walleye by a considerable amount. Nobody I know wants to spend hours cleaning the fish they caught.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Line Selection: Power Pro

Line: Light line, mono, braided, carbon?

I love the feel, the casting ability and the absolute power of Power Pro: Stuck rarely, land anything that hits that line and when your an Urban Fisherman hoping to land that Dream bass, dream Muskie or huge Walleye; Power pro makes you ready for anything any time and any where: My casting ability is strengthen, the line is clean, little memory and great for getting your boat out of weird places:

Construction of Braided Lines: Braided lines are exactly what they sound like...strands of fiber forming a regular diagonal pattern down the entire length of the spool. PowerPro is braided using 4 strands, each is composed of scores of exceptionally thin Spectra fibers. While a 3 strand line comes out to be flat, PowerPro comes out square but appears relatively round due to its thin profile. Prior to braiding, each strand is coated and with closer examination you will notice the individual braids. Coating the line gives it a harder and thinner profile that has a number of advantages and disadvantages, and we'll explicate more on these factors during our tests.

Real World Tests: For a line that features an extremely fine diameter and enhanced strength, the PowerPro works well in various types of fishing conditions. We put PowerPro through an assortment of freshwater and saltwater tests that really assessed the true muscle of this braided line.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The launch of " The Urban Fishermen"

Well, the fishing season is on and I've already landed my largest fish to date: A very large and fun fighting muskie; What did I catch it on? A spinner bait in hot pink with a yellow skirt. This was caught in the area of Deux Montagnes in the MOntreal Area.

I've decided to create a business for my fishing passion. A website and services company that caters to the everyday fishermen and the Outfitters. The site will provide tips, stores, Pictures, contests, GPS locations of hot spots, The site will offer bookings for unique Fly and remote fishing camps in Canada.

The site will premier great fishing in Canada.

If you have ideas, thoughts or own a Outfitter and like to have some free advertising please let me know.

Here's to catching what ever your think is possible

"The Urban Fishermen"