Sunday, December 17, 2006

Protect our future

So many A time I see people leave garbage, old line, smokes, old tackle behind, I myself only started speaking up this past year. If you have the energy to bring things fishing, have a little respect and take what you don't need to leave. Leave the place as it was or even a little better. You safe guarding the future for all by doing this and it take almost no effort.

Another issue is Lead weights??? Why use them and give feedback to manufacturers that its not acceptable anymore. It leeches into the water over time, ducks and some fish will eat this in the right situation. I've been using steel bolts, Rock with elastic bands if I'm deadline fishing. How is a bolt or a rock gonna affect me catching fish?? Rarely... So use your head when fishing, think of your children, or your families kids. Just look at where we're at with the stock levels of fish and no that nothing with last forever if we abuse, and neglect this beautiful planet.

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