Friday, December 1, 2006

Fishing walleye montreal

Well I started Fishing the shorelines on Montreal just 2 years ago. I'm originally from central Canada Winnipeg Manitoba to be exact. I've found many places especially in Lasalle and LAchine to catch 3lbs-4lbs Walleye right off the shore line. I'm seen the standard statement that Walleye bite in the early morning and evening just before and after sunset. This year I've landed over 300 walleye with most of my fishing being done during the summer months. They seem to love the fast water and live minnows. However larger 3' swirly tails drive them crazy. White and black produced my best results. I've found many avid fishermen along this shoreline with many years experience.

I find it amazing to beable to catch some great eating fishing within minutes of my house.

want know how to find that spot with your eyes?

Where to get live bait at a good price?

How to ensure the fish populations is safe?

Stay tuned

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