Friday, December 1, 2006


I'm all revd up for winter and some crazy ice fishing. I've seen many men on the water in front of the Douglas Hospital. If you know of a sure thing let me know.
However I got lucky last week. WHile fishing in lachine an older man came to see how I was doing on the day.. Lets forget how that day turned out. However he open his trunk and asked me if I wanted to buy his older ice fishing gear cause he was getting close to 80 and couldn't handle the cold. I opened the larger plastic tool box and found $40-50 $$$$ of tackle, a new fillet knife and 10 tip ups.. He wanted $80 I offered $50 and now I'm ready for winter.. Well still need the snow mobile


BBAAuger said...

Looking forward to the ice too. Just moved to Laval right next to Lac du Deux Montagnes. I think I'm getting a hand held depth finder for xmas too! Yee haa!

writingforever said...

I hope so. we'll find those fish asap